Sunday, September 04, 2011

Art Quilt

Thank you all for your help, it's been much appreciated. After much discussion and chasing down all the suggestions that came in, three of us have just sat down to name the quilt. Tet, the model and I each chose our favourites. Of course we didn't pick any one the same so some negotiation took place. After some entertaining mistypes we realised some titles I can't be trusted with so we went for simple. The quilt is now called, Quiet Moment.

I found it really interesting the different things people saw in the image, it's something I really love about making art quilts. They go and talk to people in so many different ways. I do love the idea that this quilt is linked to Wait, and this title works in with that idea. There were some titles suggested that may appear later. I have some other pieces in the planning that we think they might fit rather well.

Now Tet can get on and finish the calendar, which was the critical job. I am really look8ing forward to that now. We've just got back from Harrogate quilt show, which I will post about tomorrow, but for now I think it's bed time. Why did they put Harrogate so far away?


jan said...

Great name, glad you settled on one. Looking forward to the Calender, when will they go on sale??? Or should I say, WILL they go on sale?

Anonymous said...

Your Welcome!