Monday, July 30, 2007

Sweden - Day 5

Well I have had a fun day. I've taken so many inspiring photographs, I can't wait to get home and get started on some of these designs. I had been looking at the wings of the plane bringing us over and I thought the plates and rivets had potential in a quilt, well it is a very patchwork effect. Today we went to the aircraft museum. Lots of rivets and other bits of metal to inspire me. I don't know if anyone would recognise the various planes, but I think they will make fun designs.

The museum also turned out to be the location of choice for the various race related folk. We bumped into so many people we knew it was just silly. You really don't expect that many Brits in a not very big museum. It was nice to get to chat to some of them.

From there we went on to Gamla Linkoping. This is a 1900 town that was moved from the center of the town to the outskirts where it could be preserved and maintained. I now understand what people mean by wide floor boards. The ones in some houses were huge. The paint effects in the Baron's house would have made great quilting designs, but I didn't like to take photographs and I hadn't taken a paper and pencil so I guess it won't be this year I use them I think I can remember one of them at least. I also talked to a lady who spins and knits, who has directed us to a factory/museum with a very old spinning jenny. I don't know if we will make it there this trip, but we may on a future one.

We also went exploring. We do this, and hunt for ancient monuments, forts, and rune stones. Today we found a source of iron ore. It is very pretty with a little waterfall in a forest. We also had a chance to walk through the forest following animal trails. It is so different to London. It is nearly silent. Where we were there weren't even insects making noises. I took pictures of trees, insects, flowers and moss (you had to be there) so I should have improved my source library a lot.

I doubt I will be able to blog tomorrow. Our flight leaves here after 9pm, so won't get to England until gone midnight. Hopefully I will have time to upload pictures Wednesday.

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