Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Missenden Abbey

Some time ago a took a course at Missenden Abbey. To say it was a
disaster was an understatement. Well today I got a reply to my
complaint. Basically there is no complaint to answer. All the feedback
form say what an amazing teacher I had and how wonderful the course
was. The requirements list is very specific, true, so that is fine, and
the tutor can't remember any of the incidents I complained about. Apparently they investigated at the time I first complained but saw no need to write to me as they couldn't back up my claims.

I feel I tried now, and I am quite happy to stand up in public and tell
the tale, which really is the important thing. I have to present what I
learned to the Quilters Guild in a few months and I wanted to be sure I
had given them a chance to resolve things before hand.

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