Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sweden Day 4

So somewhat sunburned after two days racing (full report at Eurodragster) I have completed the hand sewing on two quilts, just leaving one to finish over the next two days. I have also been catching up on my quilting magazines. I found a new (to me at least) one in my local newsagents just before we left. It is called Quilter's Home, and I quite like it. It is a long way from your traditional magazine. It is almost a cross with a womans magazine, but has avoided the beauty tips and celebrity gossip. I don't like womens magazines but this was fun. I think I will look into getting a short subscription to see if it can keep it up.

I've also had time to think about my new fabrics. From Tyger and Ting I got a fabric that wants to be a quilt pattern, and I realized I have most of the fabrics for that quilt right here. I am honestly trying not to work, but I love what I do so it just sort of happens. It will be very tricky to piece and as I fancy making it bed size I think it is going to take a while. I also figured out why I prefer bed quilts, other than the fact I like art with a purpose. It is because I don't have anywhere to display wall quilts. Making one pretty much is a statement that I won't keep it. So if I want it to be my quilt, it needs to be bed sized. Besides in this case I think it will make it a little easier.

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