Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sweden - Day 1

So we have arrived in Sweden. It is just as good as I remembered, I love this country. It was scary how little seemed to be growing in the UK when we flew over it, and in contrast how green Sweden is. We have a hire car and as soon as we left the airport we headed for Mias Quiltbod. It was a pretty long way, I think about 2 hours driving, but well worth it. It was great to see Mia again, and I love having access to a new range of fabrics. I did spend rather more than I had intended but, well it is three years since I was here last.

On one of our previous visits we had nearly visited Eskiltuna, but then we read the guide book and ran away. The guide had said it was a grim grey industrial town with no redeaming features, and it is the murder capital of Sweden. Not what you would call encouraging is it. However we really needed to drive though it to get from the airport to the quilt shop. So with much trepidations off we went. It is a very pretty town, and we found a nice restaurant there. OK it does have industry, but then so do a lot of towns. I would say who ever wrote the guide book must have just had a bad day when they came through Eskiltuna. If they want to see really grim grey and industrial I am quite certain I can show them worse if they come to England.


Feather on a Wire said...

Send photos!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're having a good time and collecting lots of fabrics along the way.

Guidebooks seem so hit and miss with their descriptions. It's really hard to tell from reading them what a place will be like. That's why I like guides with photos.

Loki has just been very sweet and nuzzled up against me for cuddles. They ate all their food when I came back so they've obviously decided I will return to feed them each night.

Anyway have a good time.

Ferret said...

I can't upload photos, someone forgot the card reader, so it will have to wait till I get back. It's a shame but it can't be helped.

Cats are pretty bright and we do always make sure they get fed. I guess they are pretty trusting too then.