Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Today I have discovered two new to me skills. Well maybe one of them is more of a talent. I can upset my normally well behaved longarm on command. Really. All I have to do is load up a large (over 100" wide) quilt that is important. Utility quilts just don't do the trick. The it will refuse to play. Not really what I had in mind for today. I was advised to get the timing tighter, which I have. It sounds bad and I can't believe it isn't breaking the needle but I am getting less missed stitches now. I'd rather have none, and a happy sounding machine, but I guess I haven't got time to be choosy.

The other skill I am much more pleased with. I thought I might have finally got the hang of curvy feathers. My small wholecloth has very tiny feathers as it's filler. Of course that might just mean I have figured out miniature feathers, which while nice isn't too useful. Apparently not. They are very organic, which I what I always expected from my feathers, but I do seem to have got the hang of them. I can even go up or down either side. Before you ask, no I don't have any idea what changed. From my point of view one day I couldn't and the next I could. I haven't been practicing them, I just suddenly got the urge to do it and it worked. Neat.

I have been so busy the last few days I have entirely failed to blog. I did get around to taking a few pictures though. The black one is a close up of part of the little wholecloth. The finished piece will only be 40cm x 80cm so for me it is very small. The wings were inspired by a pair of earrings, though I am not sure you could tell that from the end product. I know and that's what counts.

I also remembered to take some pictures of my speed quilt. On the black and purple side all the fabrics glow in the dark. It's very silly, but I like it.
The other side (it is reversible) is rather more grown up. I hope that having black on both sides doesn't put people off, but I wanted to use fabrics I had on hand with two different themes. These were the first sets I found with all the right amounts in. I guess by now most of my students are used to my colour choices for samples, and are quite happy to choose something that suits them better. The sample is one border short, as when I selected the fabrics I forgot it, then I realised it was quite big enough for a sofa quilt so I left it as is. I could always add another border later if I change my mind as I haven't bound it yet.


Bird on a wire said...

Quilt designs are everywhere, love those earrings far more quilted than I suspect I would dangling from my ear (grin). Lovely.

Ferret said...

Thanks, I think the earrings are pretty cool too. I had a pair made from a friends which she bought in Cambodia. They did really want to be a quilt. Of course going via my hand meant they got a lot more spikey which I think helps when they are scaled up so much :)