Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I wish I hadn't called this piece Lily. The word looks funny. I know it
is just me but the shape seems wrong and it annoys me every time I type
it. On the other hand it does completely cover what I am working on
right now. It is a large pictorial piece which I love doing, I am
making it completely on the longarm again. It makes me wonder if at some
point I will go back to trying paint. After all what I am doing is just
painting with fabric and some of the things I find tricky with cloth
would be easier with paint. On the other hand some things that are easy
with fabric are harder with paint, so I guess it works out. It is
frustrating though not being able to see how it is building. I can only
see a band of the quilt at any moment. I have to just put faith in my
marking and carry on. This one is taking a surprising amount of fabric
too, so I am a little concerned I may run out. That would be quite inconvenient.

If I can unroll enough to make sense later I will try and get some pictures, if nothing else I want to see it.

do other people think of the new blogger interface for posting? I am
finding it very hard to read when I spell check. I would like to see
more suggestions for misspellings as it often misses simple typos so
you now have to quit the spell checker, look for the word which moves
when the font changes and then type it correctly. Am I the only one
that keep finding the typos it doesn't understand? I am also finding some spaces vanish when shifting between the two modes, anyone else?


Feather on a Wire said...

I used to have a Jersey cow named Lily so I'm fond of them name. She was extremely beautiful and had horns.

Ferret said...

I don't suppose you have a photo of her do you? I'd much rather make a portrait of a cow, I like cows a lot, and it could be Lily 2, which would be rather fun.