Friday, July 20, 2007

So chuffed

I am so thrilled, I've been waiting a while to share this, I wanted to make sure it was certain before telling anyone. I have been given two regular classes to teach at Patchwork Corner. I love the idea that I will be able to see the same people each week and get to know them. I love teaching one day classes but then the people go away and I rarely get to see the finished piece or what they may go on to do with a technique. Now I will. How amazing is that?

The last two days I have met most of the people I will be teaching next term, and had a chance to see what they are working on. I don't think any of them hated me and I liked them, so hopefully it will go well. It is quite daunting taking over established classes from another teacher and I hope they will go easy on me while I find my feet.

One of the students asked if I was patient. Hmm, that is a tricky question, and I could tell the answer they were looking for was yes. Well I am not, at least not with things and projects. I am actually pretty good with people, but I find they often don't need as much patience as they think. From what I have seen so far most of my 'teaching; will be encouraging people and trying to show them how good they really are. I am sure that will need a lot of repeating, but it is always rewarding when people finally believe you so I am rather looking forward to that.

Strangely before I met the groups I wasn't sure I would be able to think of many projects for them, let alone things they hadn't done, and now my head is so full of ideas I don't know what to do with them all. I guess I had better start writing them down, before I forget them, or run out of space in my head.


Beverly said...

ongrats on the class- would that I could be one of your students!! Maybe one day you'll be teaching across the big pond--

Anonymous said...

Your students are very lucky, Fer!

Lorchen (who lives too far away to join in)