Friday, July 20, 2007

Copyright, secrecy and art

Since I have been blogging I have read a lot of discussions on copyright theft, and there seems to be a growing number of people who feel we should hide our art away. At least until it is older. I've been giving this some more thought recently.

My view when I started blogging was that I would show my work until someone abused it. Maybe that is foolish, but I suspect that vast majority of people who look at my blog are honest and not actually looking to steal designs. Also, how many of my designs would be commercially viable if reproduced in bulk in China? Very few I think.

I also decided that once a quilt has been in a show there are thousands of people who could potentially copy it, so there is very little point worrying too much about having its picture here. However I don't want any being copied and appearing in an earlier show or the same show as mine. Simple I work to deadlines anyway and by the time I post it here there isn't time to get that same design into the show I have entered.

So that is why I post large pictures of my newest work. I want to share it, what is the point in art no one else can see. If you would like to have pictures of my work on your site, do ask and if at all possible I will help you out. If you see my work at shows, and the show allows it, take pictures, enjoy them. If you want to put those on your website, please do, but credit me and if you can put a link back to here or my main site. I love the idea that more people will get to see what I have been making, and the thought that someone liked it enough to show others is great.

The only restriction I do have is that others are not allowed to make money from the images of my work. Sorry but I have to try and make a living, and this is how I do it. If you would like a pattern for one of my pieces, ask, I may well write one and I am always looking for testers.

Now I had better get this Lily finished so I can show you all of it hadn't I.

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Nellie's Needles said...

My sentiments exactly! I feel no one can exactly produce what I make. If they're trying to do that, they may end up with a decent piece ... more power to them. I also believe in giving credit where it is due, whether it's a technique or strong inspiration.