Monday, July 23, 2007

Meet the family, our Capris

Some time ago I posted about my car, a Ford Capri we refer to as KDU. She recently was declared beyond repair, which I am very sad about. Several suggested I should take some more pictures before I lost her entirely. Finally this Sunday I had time to. I haven't had a chance to work on many pictures yet, and I thought it would be nice to introduce you to the rest of the Capri side of the family. At least most of it, Atew is in the garage waiting for more time to work on restoring her.

So in the front we have Cally and Trogdor. Cally is the grey, and has been with us about 10 years. I think we have done over 100,000 miles in this car. Trogdor the black car is our newest arrival. It had a V8 and will hopefully turn out to be a good drag racing car.

Behind Trogdor, is Kdu, the blue car. She is my darling but after many years service will soon be leaving. Obviously we will make use of every part we can. Next there is the Great white, what colour do you think that one is. This is our first 2.8i and came to us as a rescue car. She was having a very bad time where she was, the locals were beating her up. This is currently the car I drive most. I rather like the 2.8i, but I am not sure about the extras when it comes to maintaining the car.

Finally we have Brute. It was an emergency purchase just after moving house. A weird car, with an external linkage gearbox. It was clunky but I loved it. Shame it was only a four speed box, Capris really do need a five speed box. Brute is waiting at the moment. We aren't sure what is the best route for him.

So there you have it, the Capri family. I will post some pictures of Kdu once I have had a chance to sort through them.


Feather on a Wire said...

Voldemort thought he was the bees knees when he got his first 2.8i, metallic gold, it replaced his MG which he had loved and nursed himself.

Ferret said...

It is lovely to drive, but it does definately have new and exciting issues we don't have on the pintos. Still they all have their own features, bith good and bad.