Saturday, July 31, 2010

Slow progress, but progress at least

Thursday turned out to be a non sewing day. Delivering quilts to Greenwich took a lot longer than I expected even without the side trip for more leather on the way home. Then it was straight up to Watford to see The Hamsters. It was a good concert and I got to meet up with a couple of people I used to work with. One of whom I hadn't seen in far too long. It was a good night, but for some reason left me utterly exhausted on Friday. Porta loos are not complex and I shouldn't have to read the instuructions multiple times to grasp how they work.

I got a little quilting done but no where near as much as I was hoping. My longarm thought this was the ideal time to start causing trouble. I don't agree. I've spent a lot of time fussing over it now and it's sort of working. It will do for what I need right now, but not for leather. So today I knew I was playing catch up and of course the machine still didn't want to help out. It's great when it behaves, but when it has a strop like this it is quite a pain. I've also been having problems with bearding. This is when the wadding comes through the outer layers of your project. In this case I am working with black cotton sateen. It's the same fabric I've used many times before without problems but today I just couldn't get it right. It has given me the oportunity to really play with my wadding and test the theory that changing which side of the wadding faces up will fix the problem. It doesn't make any difference for me. I tried two bamboo blends, two 80/20 cotton poly blends and a cotton wadding. They all bearded about the same amount and behaved exactly the same both ways up. I also tried adding an extra layer of fabric under the sateen. That did help a little. However what made a larger difference was changing the thread. Some colours of thread made the problem a lot worse, some masked it but still pulled wadding through. Having tried 3 dark grey and a black I settled on the best dark grey. I wanted black but I didn't want the bearding. Interestingly all the threads were the same brand the only difference would be dye and processing batch. Could some dyes be more prone to pulling through wadding? Could it be a humidity factor as the black thread is one I have used successfully on this combination in the past? When I have more time I will play with this some more. I would love to get to the bottom of the problem.

So with all that I have now completed the quilting I was hoping to have had done by lunch time and I have started on the cutting out. I need to make decisions before I finish the cutting out and I don't think I should be doing that this late in the day so I will leave that for tomorrow. At least I have moved forward albeit more slowly than I would have liked.

Oh one last thought. Comment moderation has stayed on because I am finding more than half the coments coming though are spam. What's more it's getting more sophisticated with something that does relate to the post then the advertising,  I'm sorry that means comments take longer to appear but I think it does beat the alternative and as it appears humans are doing it manually there is no point using the validation letters to try and weed it out. What I find really frustrating is it must work for them to keep trying it, so people must be following the links and actually buying stuff. Why would anyone do that?


Susan Briscoe said...

Spam comments are annoying - I've had the advertising type that vaguely relate to the posts turn up in my comment box too.

Batting bearding issues - so frustrating. Do you use black batting for mainly black projects? Shame no one is producing grey batting any more - the grey Hobbs polydown used to be very useful.

One of the Japanese quilts I want you to do would benefit from black batting - I'll get a black 80/20 Hobbs Heirloom for it at FoQ.

Ferret said...

I've got black but it's too stiff for what I need right now. I am working on garments and I need drape (and not to cook too badly in them).

Busty LaRue said...

I've been having problems with spam comments on my blog(s) as well! Glad to know that comment moderation has helped, because I've just had to switch to that.

Daisy said...

Ooh wonder what the problem with the bearding is, will be interested to find out.......and reading this post has brought back so many memories......I used to go and see the Hamsters all the time, I think the last time was when I was 8 months pregnant and that was 20 years ago.......oooh I feel very old now.......and don't get me started on spam, drives me nuts

Ferret said...

The Hamsters are about to start on a big Hendrix tour so you could always go and see them. I suspect they've aged too :)

I still want the purple shirt Slim was wearing I was great fabric. I might have to try and get something similar printed for me.