Saturday, July 03, 2010

Quilts G.B.

Quilts, gin and bacardi. That has been the theme for this retreat. Today we have been focusing on feathers, and a few leaves. We have also done some basic maintenance, wthreads and needles.

My train pulled into the station as Linzi my host for the weekend pulled into the car park. Perfect timing. A quick drive and then a second breakfast before 8am. The second one was much better as was the coffee.

The retreat classes are being held in Linzi's workshop. As you can see it's well decorated with quilting inspiration. It's a lovely place to work with lots of space. I was teaching various ways with feathers. It is amazing how different people are and how well they progress once they find a method that fits for them. Today we had a good range of different styles, but they seem to have all improved.

We have just been for dinner at a local bistro and on the way home we got to visit some 2 week old it's time for drinks then bed. I'm rather looking forward to it as I am stayinf in a yurt. Not the quilted one admittedly, but still a yurt.


Sue said...

That's the sort of mix I like to hear about. Does the G&B loosen them up to create the free hand feathers.

Rafael's Mum said...

I LOVE yurts! It's amazingly peacefull being in one! Hope you liked it.

Ferret said...

The G&B only came out after we had finished. Linzi tried to keep us professional. I suspect that in small doses it would help some people go with the flow of quilting.