Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lutterworth quilters and Air ambulance

An unusual picture today. This is the hall set up for my talk last night with someone else speaking. The lady was from the air ambulance and had come for the quilt to the left. The quilt had been made by 25 members of the group and will be raffled to raise funds. I was very happy to be there to see the hand over and that the representative chose to stay for my talk. I hop she enjoyed it.

As ever I enjoy being further north. The welcme is always warm with lots of interesting questions and friendly helpers. The van is still one of the stars of the show. Many people are thrilled to actually meet it. I am pleased as I have now worked out how to load my full talk and still use the bed, cooker, table and bathroom. It's taken a while to figure that one out. It's only a little van and my talk is really quite large.

Today I will be helping to hand the exhibition at Patchwork Corner. It's funny that last nights group are just about to celebrate their 10th birthday and that is what the Patchwork Corner event is too. I thought that was a nice link and I hope the group have a great event. I'm sure we will, come over and see us either tomorrow or Saturday.

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