Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's starting to look like a quilt

I am parked up outside Walcote village hall, my venue for tonight. I have just shut all thne vents in anticipation of the quilters arriving and the rain took that as a cue. I'm impressed the weather is so well behaved here. I've made good use of my time and the quilt is now growing well. I love this phase of a project. It seems that each little piece clearly moves the quilt on. I have come to the conclusion the van table is too low for cutting on. I can do some but my back protests pretty quickly. I think I will invest in a smaller mat that I can put on the counter which is higher but narrower. It won't do for everything but if I use it when I can I can save my back for when I need the bigger space.

I should probably get this sent. I would think the quilters will arive any minute. I'll share one last thing that has been amusing me today. When the van is parked I sit and listen to Radio 4 on my little solar radio while sewing. When I drive it's back to loud heavy metal music ;) I can't help wondering how confused people are when they see/hear this transision.


Amo House said...

No, we are one. I listen to Radio 4 when I want to be talked to (or have a rant!) and the brain is oft working elsewhere. To chill or blast MY music comes on. I don't need some waffling eejit forcing their choice of music on me. Glad the camper is still working good.

Susan Briscoe said...

Have you tried this trick to jack up the cutting mat - a thick chopping board under the mat? I use one that's about 1in thick at shows and for demos to get around tables being too low ('cos worksurfaces are to high for me). Easy to find a chopping board big enough for an A3 mat.