Sunday, August 01, 2010

For the North of England

I am going to be heading up to Stockton-on-Tees in October 2011. It's a long journey and I'm wondering if any other groups might like to book me while I am in the area. Bookings for places I will pass on the way there and back are also a possibility. I am planning on just heading up and down the M1 but google suggests I might like to go via Manchester? I hope it knows something I don't as that seems a very long way around for no reason, but if there was a quilt group there it would make more sense. If I can link a few bookings together I will split the milage between them so everyone saves money. Now I have the van I just need somewhere to park up and I have my accomodation sorted too. If you're interested in a talk or a workshop there are more details on here.


Susan Briscoe said...

Google is way wrong - go straight up the M1, onto the A19, then onto the A66. A you leave the A19, there's a lovely bit where you need to drop left 2 lanes very quickly and get down to 50mph for a nice tight bend onto the A66. Stay in the left lane if you want fuel - Teesside Park's Morrison's is just off the next junction.

Depending on where you are heading in Stockton, you may be better to stay out of the town centre (probably obvious) - if you are going to an address in Hartburn or Fairfield definitely stay out of the town centre. It is a bit of a traffic mess if you're new to the place.

I would offer you a park up at my mum & dad's, but their driveway is small and on a steep slope, so not ideal.

Which group are you visiting? It used to be an area without many groups. And when? Might be up there myself sometime in October, though will be for time off if I do.

Ferret said...

Google did also suggest straight up the M1, I was just amused by it's alternative of driving around Manchester.

I'll be there 27th October 2011.

I think it is Pieceful Quilters.

It's just such a long journey it would be really nice to combine it with a couple more bookings and get the costs down all round. See I've been learning from you :)

I'll try and remind you closer to the time and see if we can meet up.

Susan Briscoe said...
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Susan Briscoe said...

Google sometimes comes up with weird ideas of how to get from A to B!

Forgot to mention - I've heard NOT to stop at the Wetherby services on the M1. Apparently the car park timining cameras get you the moment you leave the motorway and just before you go back on, and there have been reports of queues there at busy times - so people getting landed with parking charges...

Ferret said...

Well I wouldn't be until the October so it's quite a way off you never know. Any leads will be appreciated.