Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well I made it to Oxford ontime despite the best efforts of DHL. It did take several call to get the package to appear. Despite being quite close and having been assured I would like Oxford I don't go there. The problem is it is very vehicle unfriendly. There are speed bumps bigger that mountains and parking is at best difficult. However we had checked the venue on google maps the night before and found it had two big carparks. Great? Wrong neither allow caravans and knowing Oxfords view on vehicles they would take the chance to fine a motorhome. Besides which they promised a fine for anyone not fully within their really quite small bays. So from having lots of easy parking I now had none.

Fortunately I have the sort of friends I can call and ask for help. We managed to get a number for the previous co-ordinator of the group and put them on the case. By the time they arrived one of the members had persuaded the caretake of the next door sports center to help out. He was very nice and let me put my van in their private carpark. It was a little further from the venue but that was no problem. I don't think I have ever had a better unloading team. Quick, keen and strong. I was unloaded in no time, thank you all, it is very much appreciated.

The talk went well despite the heat and the group asked a lot of interesting questions. They also have bonus points for very cold water and great coffee. All in all the group turned a disadter into a good evening. I hope I will see some of you again maybe this weekend at Patchwork Corner.

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Kate said...

It was great to have you visit us. You, your work and Tethys are all inspirational... I think our questions and conversations could easily have gone on all night.

I wonder how you approach quilting and sewing when you are just not in the mood. Some of us can walk away and come back whenever, perhaps this is more difficult with deadlines. And what about the classic 'creative block' scenario?

Many thanks for a memorable evening.