Friday, July 02, 2010

From South to North

I won't quite cover the whole length of the island today but I am taking a fair stab at it. I started early heading South to West Sussex. Even at 6am it was really too hot. I am so impressed my audience managed to stay awake. I was struggling and I was moving around. For those who missed th talk (I heard the traffic was terrible) I will be in the area a few times soon, so check the calendar on my main site.

I've now made it back up to London and brunch. I think I've boiled my brain sitting in traffic on the M25. Still I should have time to head to my storage unit and unload the car before going into London to get my train. The most appealing feature of the train is the air conditioning. I am so looking forward to being a sensible temperature.

I suppose I should finish lunch and get moving again. I'd much rather just sit here, there is air con here too.

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