Tuesday, July 06, 2010

... And home again

That's another Scottish trip over. In the photo you can see those who stayed to the very end. Including our host and organizer Linzi hiding behind her machine. That's fine as Tracy was more than able to drive it. We got through a lot more than I expected and not as much as I wanted which I think is OK. It's amazing how many tips and tricks you can share over a couple of days.

For me one of the highlights was the diversity of people there. Linzi chose to open the retreat up to anyone with a frame quilting system whatever it's size. That worked really well and encouraged people to think of different ways to work with quilts. I suspect that even sit down quilteres would have got a lot from the weekend as many of the techniques would transfer, and their machines are usually a lot easier to move.

If you didn't make it this time you will be pleased to know we are already hassling Linzi to plan another. It's a lovely place (with two quilt shops close by) and getting away for a few days to learn is very theraputic.

The other picture today is of Aberdeen seafront where we went for fish and chips on Sunday night. We had food in a different place each night which did add to the holiday feel (well for me at least). I hope the students enjoyed it as much as I did and I can't wait for the next event.

I'm about an hour outside London. I do love the sleeper train. It is so much simpler and more civilised than flying. I also think the Scotrail staff are lovely. They work hard to make this trip special, and I for one appreciate their efforts.


Trudi said...

Sounds like a great trip I should get myself on next time round! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

LINZI said...

I am delighted that a good time was had by all and will be planning a winter weekend that I hope to announce soon...!

Ferret said...

I will point out that if I stay in the yurt in January I might need the heater on. On the other hand I am quite happy to donate a carbon monoxide detector to it if that would make you feel better ;)