Thursday, July 01, 2010

Yay car!

My baby is back home and much happier. Passed his MOT and some servicing done. They managed to get him running a lot better, the valve seat had worn (thanks to unleaded fuel) and he was running on myabe 4 of his 6 cylinders.

It's also very cool that my mechanic is now able to do MOT's. They are nice guys there who really get vehicles. No main dealer uniforms (or prices) just honest work. Frankly I think they need to put their prices up a but they will work that out as they get busier. If you need a mechnic in the North London are please condider them. They are The MOT Center, Unit 3, Tilling Way, East Lane Business Park, Wembley HA9 7NQ, 020 8908 0898. If you are interested in getting them to do your MOT and are likely to see me, ask for a flyer as they are offering discounts with the flyer.

The car is now loaded up ready for my talk in Horsham tomorrow morning, and I think it is time to head over to Hemel for todays classes. I will be taking the van, then I can sit and sew between (and before) work. I am really enjoying reclaiming these small pockets of time, and the quilt is coming on well.

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