Thursday, August 27, 2009

Link Frenzy

Thank you to everyone who has been sending in links to people talking about my quilts, it is much appreciated. I hadn't planned on sharing them until this one came in this morning,

I have to admit those are some great photos, especially the close ups of my quilting. Thank you so much for crediting me too. Then I got thinking, if I am going to publicise one why not all of them. Some give interesting alternative perspectives on the show. Bear in mind my perspective went something like, person - question - answer - person - question - answer. It was just so busy I don't think I had time to really take it all in. The first one on the list goes just to a blog as there are two posts that really seemed to capture the event for me.

If you come across any more that deserve a mention please do let me know. I like to see where my work wanders off to when I am not looking.

The holiday quilt is progressing well. I hope to have the center together later so I can show you it. Of course that does just tempt life to get in the way :)


Redwitch said...

Thanks for sharing the links, the photos are fantastic too :)

Trudi said...

It' so great to see a different perspective. I guess Cy's post summed it up the best, though Quilt Quine is right about listening in to what people have to say, a past time I particularly enjoy! Delightful to hear Sally's response to the surprise. Thanks again for sharing.