Friday, August 28, 2009

Not in the plan

Today I had a very simple plan. Drive to Kent, see the osteopath, drive home, sew. See nothing to it. Until I got to the traffic jam on the M25. They had closed one short section and it has caused chaos. I left home at 9am. I turned around 2 jusnctions before the roab closure and I still haven't made it home at 3pm!

Still all is not lost. There isn't much you can do when you are stuck in traffic and you are the driver, but you can think and plan. At the NEC I bought some rather nice fabrics, and didn't entirly have a plan for them. I do now. The Farbstoff cotton sateens I will make a very simple quilt. It will have very minimal piecing and a lot of space for quilting. If I've got the maths right I might have enough fabric to make two similar quilts which could be fun. The idea is to really show off the hand dyed fabric, but include the shaded colour packs and make a large bed quilt. I'm looking forward to getting home and measuring up.

I also bought a selection of Oakshott fabrics. I've been looking at these for some time but never bought any as I didn't realise they sold yardage. They do and I have enough to make something really fun. I think I have most of this quilt worked out too. It's a lot more complex which worries me a little. I have no idea how stable the Oakshott will be. I guess I will find out. I can't wait to get home and draw these up. So enough chat. I'll finish my drink and get on my way.

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