Friday, August 07, 2009

Moving forward

The last quilt for my gallery is now well under way. It reminds me a lot of 'Golden Storm' my leafy quilt. This quilt has been fully planned for a long time now. The fabrics were just waiting to go by my machine along with the wadding. I just had to load up and get started. As with 'Golden Storm' this quilt is progressing very quickly. I think than when they have been fully formed in my head for so long I can just follow the script I have rehearsed which speeds things up. There is very little need for planning once I start work. Again I thought I had bought far more fabric than I needed, and again it's going to be tight. I have most of the largest pieces cut now and I will do the rest first thing tomorrow. I can fit smaller pieces into the offcuts as I am having to do a lot of fussy cutting and so cannot use the fabric as efficiently as I would like.

'Herd Mentality' arrived home today. It was perfectly packed and looks to have weathered it's tour of America very well. It's a relief to have it back in my hands as it is one of the centre pieces of my NEC display. Of course I still have a small mountain of binding and hanging sleeves to tackle but I'm feeling quite positive about having everything ready, and maybe even getting one of my optional quilts done. It's been very hard cutting down the quilts I want to make to a manageable number that would work well together.


Feather on a Wire said...

What on earth are you doing, working at 1 am? It will be good, I for one am looking forward to your gallery with great expectations!

Ferret said...

Waiting to see how the resizing of the file system had gone, and quilting some feathers. I've got all my big pieces cut and I want to be sewing, but I have to wait for a delivery.