Thursday, August 20, 2009

Festival of Quilts - day 1

These are probably not the greatest photos but at least it will give you a taster of how my gallery looks. It's a fantastic space, I can't believe how much work the show team put in for me. Today was madly busy, which is great if very tiring, I suspect I won't have much voice left by the end of it. I will try and get some better pictures in the morning. Night night.


Helen said...

Your exhibition was wonderful Ferret - fantastic quilts and very well arranged - marvelous to see them close up and see all the detail you put into them. You were very very busy with everyone and I didn't want to interrupt to say "hi" - but, well, heres a belated "hi" anyway - and thank you.
Cheers Helen

Caroline said...

The quilts are absolutely amazing. It was wonderful to see more of them up close and personal. Particularly 'mother' that you were working on during your visit up here.

Have a great few days.

Caroline xx

Feather on a Wire said...

Even more amazing in person!!!!
But I have a very particular reason for loving it, thank you, I shall treasure it forever.

Redwitch said...

I am looking forward to seeing your quilts tomorrow :)

Phil Atkinson said...

Fabulous show. Hope you sold plenty books. Particularly liked the Mother and Daughter, especially as we saw Mother at its 'birth' so to speak. Has everyone guessed who she is? Can't wait until you have time to return to Hobby Holidays. I hope the felines are safe, as an animal lover I would be devastated if it happened to my dogs.

Ferret said...

The cats are fine and happy to have us home. I am exhausted and will try and get some pictures uploaded tomorrow. I wish UK hotels would make net access a sensible price.