Monday, August 10, 2009

Changes on the web

Some house keeping and improvements have been under way at my main web site There is now a map up of the location of my gallery at the Festival of Quilts. You can also now buy my book directly using paypal. The pre-order price will be available until the 18th of August, book should be with me on the 13th and I will try and get them out on the 14th. There I've said it, now I have to at least attempt it :)

On the quilting side I think I am finally getting tired. I've definitely slowed down and I have to take more breaks. Still the quilt is looking good, I an really enjoying working on it and I think it will do exactly what I want at the show. In between adding jobs to my to do list I am starting to get excited. I have huge respect for those who organize these events. I only have to get one stand together. One not terribly complex stand and there seems to be a never ending list of things that have to be done. How big must the Twisted Threads to do list be? If you check out their website you can sill buy tickets for the show and the social events. There are also meet and greet sessions that are only available to people who book for evening events.

If you are coming please do pop by to say hello.


Penny said...

Hi Ferret, I've booked my hotel for the Thursday night, so I'll be able to man (woman?) the stall if you need help on Thursday/Friday.

Ferret said...

Thanks, it's looking like we should be able to have several people each doing a short stint which would be very cool. Of course, that does assume nothing goes wrong :) Yeah right. However I think there is enough redundancy in the system that it should work out. I think the Thursday is going to be the day I have least helpers, but who knows?

Penny said...

It's really exciting, even if it's a bit nerve-racking.

I'll come along soon after arriving and see how things are panning out. I'll have just spent three hours on a train, so I might not be in a fit state at that point to do anything :-).

Are you going to have signs about photography?

Ferret said...

Cool, it will be good to see you whatever. It means I have at least one visitor :)

Yes I will have signs about photography, I'm just not sure what they will say yet. It's on my list though.