Monday, August 17, 2009

Things I don't need right now.

The long hours have been taking their toll, but I was actually feeling pretty positive until about 2 hours ago. This probably won't make sense to anyone who doesn't have animals, but consider to us they are family, much like children. One of my cats came home wearing a collar. The problem is she didn't leave wearing one. So someone has caught her and put it on. Not good. I am not pleased that she let someone else get that close, we try to train them not to go up to strangers, but it's hard explaining that to humans and pretty much impossible with cats. So I know someone has an interest in one of my cats and I am supposed to go away for five days. We took their collar off and put on one with my phone number on it. I hope that once they know she has a home they will leave her alone, but who knows. I can't just leave her to a cat sitter, if nothing else I wouldn't want anyone else to feel responsible if she goes missing. So it looks like Tet will have to cat sit instead of coming and helping me at the show :( It's not what we had in mind, and I really didn't need the extra stress. Besides even with him here I know I am going to worry. Not the way to be at my best for a show, and not an encouragement to finish the quilts.

Any suggestions on what else I can do to look after her? Our cats have always had freedom to come and go as they please. If we try shutting them in the break out (we've tried it before) and they refuse to use a litter tray if they are shut in. Fine if it is optional but not if they have to. Also if we tried to shut them in securely it would make it very hard for the cat sitter to get in the house without them escaping.

On the bright side I can't see me getting much sleep tonight so I should get a lot of sewing done.


sandra wyman said...

I know what you mean. One of my three felines was injured (smashed pelvis)in a road traffic accident a few years ago, and since then I don't like them being out of the garden unless I am at home.

I'm afraid I've ended up resorting to a cattery (I have found a very good one). At least I know they are safe, the people there give them a lot of attention and they come back looking well-fed and relaxed so it can't be too bad. On the other hand they do have each other for company, which must make a difference.

I'm at FOQ most of this week - busy Thurs but will pop by and see if you need any help Friday

Anonymous said...

Fit a collar with a tracking device?

Having said that I suspect it might be entirely innocent. Someone may have seen the cat a lot and been concerned it was looking for a home so put a collar on to test it out. I don't like cats but we had one local cat that seemed to spend more time in our garden than its own and kept trying to get in the house. Its owner came round one day and accused me of enticing it whereas truth was I'd have been delighted never to have seen it again.

CatFang said...

That really is the last thing you need.

There is no way anyone could think your cats were strays given what beautiful condition they are in.

Is there anyone who could stay in your house over the weekend with them?

Ferret said...

Thanks guys. We've decided on a compromise, Tet gets to commute :) Ok it isn't a good solution but it will keep us both sane (OK as sane as ever then).