Saturday, August 15, 2009

They're here and they are ready to go.

This afternoon I took delivery of a metric tonne of books, literally. The lorry driver didn't think his lorry would fit down our road (we disagree) but he did drag the pallet up to our gate on a trolley so it wasn't too bad. The books don't take up as much space as we had feared and are pretty neatly stacked in the hall. I am however hoping that I can sell a good percentage of them at the Festival of Quilts next week and clear some space again. I have spent most of the time since then packing books up to go out to all the people who have pre-ordered. There was a mad rush to get as many to the post office as possible. I think about 60 went out in the first posting although some missed the last collection from the post office as printing the postage seemed to take forever. It took so long that the car park closed locking my car in, so we had to walk home. Of course that means the car will need collecting tomorrow morning too. I will take a picture of a finished book for you tomorrow, but I am now exhausted I feel like I have been lugging book about all day. Oh yes I have.

All of my quilts for the show are now at the binding and sleeve stage. The weekend will be spent working on that. It isn't my favourite job, but the machine bindings aren't too bad. I do have at least three quilts that need hand sewn bindings, they will be more of a problem. Still at least the end is in sight. I think this is the time to make a list on a white board so I can rub them off as I complete them.


Anonymous said...

11 am saturday. ALL WORK HAS STOPPED

Your book has arrived.

I started this morning determined to finish machine quilting my caveman quilt / crocus wallhanging. Started by mending zip on son's jeans. Jammed machine twice then discovered machine not threaded properly ( new machine, I,m not on automatic pilot yet.) Mislaid screwdriver so took a while to sort.
Just have a quick flick through book.
Bonus - a mariners compass pattern - saves me wading through books for one and getting waylaid once more.
My "best quilt in the book award "to your student Joan so please send her my compliments.
You don't seem to have days like this.
Wish you well for Birmingham.
Thanks for the book - it's going to be a bible

love Jenny

Feather on a Wire said...


Caroline said...


My book has arrived this morning. All the sewing I've got on the table ready to do has been left unattended to read. What an amazing book, can't wait to start my own version of the quilt.

Thank you so much Ferret, look forward to seeing you on Thursday (my daughter can't wait to say hello to the famous author who's book I received this morning) lol.

Good luck xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ferret.
The book arrived safe and sound today.
Lots of great ideas and now time to shop for fabric later this week.
See you at the NEC