Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thank you all for a great weekend

I've had a really good long weekend, and it has been entirely due to other people. So to everyone who has helped, thank you.

Friday was great, lots of people visited the gallery and were all so enthusiastic, and helpful. For such a miserable day, weather wise, it was really unexpected. It was enhanced by hearing of Trogdors first racing run. After the first qualifier Trogdor was 1st, how amazing is that for a first outing. Over the day he did loose a few places, but was still 7th at the end of the day.

Saturday was a quiet day all round, a lot of chatting at the gallery, and no racing due to the weather. Still I got a lot of sewing done and found it generally relaxing. Actually in some ways it was the first day the gallery worked the way I expected. I had though that once I had everything set up it would be very relaxing to look after and I would have time to sew, mostly it doesn't work quite that way.

I wish I had pictures of the weather Sunday, but I was too absorbed just watching it. It's funny how much snow changes things. People were much nicer in the snow, for the first time I got a cheery greeting as I put out my sandwich board rather than being grumbled at or even shoved in to the road. Everywhere was so peaceful. I loved watching the huge clusters of snow blowing towards the gallery door. I only realised when it stopped that I really should have taken pictures. maybe sometime it is better to just enjoy these things. When I was publicising my show I came up with a list of people I would really like to invite, some I couldn't find current contact details for though. One I was particularly sad to have missed turned up! He had chosen just the right time to go hunting for us and found out about my show. So in between other visitors we got to catch up and swap contact details. How amazing is that? I think I would add that as one of the success factors for a show.

Monday brought me another visitor I had been keenly waiting for, and more snow. When I invited her I hadn't considered her children skills, but those turned out to be very useful, when two other friends arrived with their children. The kids were kept entertained while the parents had a chance to look around. I was really thrilled that some of he children really seemed to like my work. They played with 'See Sound' and listened very patiently to my rather woolly explanation of how it all works. They experimented with how it behaved to different noises. What really made it for me was the idea that one of the children was going to send her gran a postcard with a nude on it, some how that is just amazingly cool.

As there were a lot of people about to keep and eye on the gallery I was able to go and look at some graves. One of the friends of Kensal Green took me to see my hero's, the Brunels. It's a very solid functional monument, I think it suits perfectly. I was thrilled to find out how much of the family are there together. We then visited James Barry, I didn't remember the name, but the story did come back to me. If you're in the same boat do follow the link it's a great story. It was so good to be shown the cemetery by someone who is not only very knowledgeable but also massively enthusiastic. I has already decided that I was going to take a tour sometime, but this has brought it home to me how important that is. The tours run every Sunday, leaving from the large Anglican chapel at 2pm. The first and third Sunday includes a tour of the catacombs, so the next catacomb tour is the 6th April. If you take that one you will end up in the gallery where my show is.

Through out the day I was getting texts from the drag strip...through the first round...though again...into the semis...... At each step I knew this would be the final result, the weather was horrible for racing. I was wrong, they managed to run the meeting to completion and Tet has his first pot, he came second in his first outing with his own car, isn't that just a fantastic outcome. I can't quite believe that after all this time he is finally on the podium, and it being his car is just amazing.

Finally, some more pictures of my show, by a friend who came along on the first night. If you look hard you will find I failed to escape all the pictures.


katelnorth said...

And thanks again to your friend with the kid skills - very useful!

CatFang said...

This is not really a comment related to this particularpost - although I am glad your show is going so well -
but I just saw this Glow In The Dark thread and I thought it might be interesting to you and your quilter friends here