Sunday, March 09, 2008

Another day, another early start

Well here I am again. Today I am actually looking forward to going to the gallery. Yesterday was fun. I had a friend who came and helped me, which is great and I enjoyed meeting new people. There was a lovely mother and daughter from America who were really interested in my work and so encouraging. I was amused that the mother instantly identified she was looking at quilts, even if I insisted they were mixed media art. Yes they are both, but in the UK it is a lot more acceptable to call them mixed media, don't ask me I don't get it either. I wonder if that is the true value of mounting an exhibition like this.

I also came home to an absolute flurry of feedback. Thank you all for taking time to comment it makes all the stress worthwhile. One particularly nice piece is here. Cy, as he says is as old friend, who writes. I've loved his story telling for years and I value his opinion. Like many of my friends he was a little confused when I said I had taken up quilting, but I guess he has come to terms with it. It's fun changing people view of what quilting is all about.
For those thinking about coming along, the address and directions are on this page. The google map of the area is here. I realised in the bath last night that this will be the only chance to see all these pieces together. It looks like several will be going off to start new lives after the show, so if you want to see them in the flesh, it's now or never. Equally my talk on Monday will be pretty unique (and I suspect a little longer than usual so if you are in the area drop the talk will start at 1pm and be followed by tea and cakes.


CatFang said...

The "mixed media" vs "quilting" thing is interesting. I have found though that when I am talking about your work to people (see I promote you!) "quilts" means "bedcovers". When I show them your portfolio they go "oh, right, textile art".

I think as quilting is not very well known as an art form in this country people associate the word with the most commonly known result of quilting (bed covers), rather than the activity / process. It would be like saying "painting" and people just thinking of one kind of picture that hangs in one kind of room.

Good start at changing people's perceptions though.

Penny said...

Hope the talk went well.

I did enjoy coming on Friday.