Tuesday, March 04, 2008

'Real' Art

I pick my moments. I would say the way I normally work isn't 'real' art. I work from photographs and just present the data that is there. Generally that works well. However, this time it failed me, I found one area that really needed more information to make sense. The data isn't there on the processed pictures I have been working from so I've had to go back to the original and draw. Oh my, I don't do that, well I suppose I do now. And I would have to say I am pretty pleased with what I have achieved. I have vastly improved the piece, but given the choice I think I would have rather tried this experiment at a less stressful time. Of course there is an argument that says I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't been pushed, and that's probably the truth of it. I suspect if this had been going straight to a quilt show I would have left it. As a piece of art I felt it needed more work.

Maybe in future I need to be thinking more about how my work will look in a gallery, even if it is going to a quilt show. I certainly seems to be pushing me to do more and work better? I know that isn't quite the right word but I hope you get the idea, I am not working harder, just seeing I might be able to do better. Does this mean I might have to learn when to stop next? I've always had a clear end point but now it is a bit more fluid.


CatFang said...

Ferret, you will never learn when to stop :)

And of course we are not surprised you can draw. It is like mechanics with a pencil.

Looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

Good luck getting it all ready

Nic and Cy

Ferret said...

I think it is learning when not to start I really need to get a handle on :)

I've boughtr Coke in Cynic quantities :)

CatFang said...

How many times have the words "Don't start, Ferret" been heard over the years, I wonder?

Ooooh coke....

You always know the right thing to say.

Have to wait for work to finish so won't be there for the very start, but as soon as we can afterwards.