Friday, March 14, 2008

I love my friends

Really I do, well most of the time anyway. I had been familiar with the phrase "If you want something doing ask a busy person" but over the last month I seem to have been proving it rather more than I would have liked. So on an already over comitted day did I really need reminding about the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition? Apparently so. However the entry form has to be purchased by 5pm today, and as the deadline is so close my only option is to go and get it. So here I am on a tube train blogging. I have also used the time for some lesson planning so it could be worse. I also thought to pick up my posters so I will see if any of the art shops will display one for me. What have I got to lose? Oh and I will probably need to hand deliver the forms back as well, the deadlin is Tuesday. I suppose that will stop me thinking too much and losing my nerve.

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CatFang said...

Ferret - I work just up the road from the Royal Academy. If the entry can be scanned and emailed and then printed out and taken in I'd be more than happy to do it for you.

If it has to be the original though I can't get it off you in time :(

If you are in town round there on Tues and want to meet up for Coke or something - let me know.