Monday, March 31, 2008

Still alive

Looks like it is my turn to assure everyone I am still alive and I should be able to start answering emails and returning calls tomorrow. Instead of this being something of a holiday it's been manic. It has been good, even though the lack of sleep is wearing. I've quilted two childrens quilts for a fabric company this week. They aren't really my thing, but several of my friends think they are amazing, so look out for a new childrens range from Makower.

I've also been working on my entry for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. It's come on well, and I was thrilled to discover last night I have two days longer than I thought to deliver it. On the other hand I do still have to take a quilt on a stretcher frame into London on the tube. Doesn't sound too bad, well it is 2.1m by 0.7m. That's bigger than me! Fortunately I will have a helper, I think I will need it.

Today is the last day you can see Golden Storm, it will be off to it's new home tonight. This also means that next week I will have something different hanging, and no I am not sure what yet.

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Katie said...

For those of us that cannot afford a long arm quilter....