Saturday, March 08, 2008

Morning after

Well that worked then. Thank you all for coming. It was great to meet new people and wonderful that so many friends did manage to make it. It looks like the workshops and tutorials should be lively too, judging from the comments from those who will be coming back for them. Now I have to head off and open up for the day time visitors.

Some tips for finding the gallery,
  • It is attached to the Dissenters Chapel.
  • It is in the Cemetery not the Crematorium.
  • It is very close to the Sainsbury's on the canal.
  • It is surrounded by a huge brick wall.
I think that covers the main points that people mentioned last night. If you think there is something else I need to add drop me a note and I will.


Katie said...

Ferret, the exhibition was wonderful. Fantanstic atmosphere, good company and top it all off, a magnificent dispay of work to view and discuss. Love the new pieces... the 'Cows', and our chap with the cello, but my favourite was 'Heat'- the colour is spot on.

Directions..... for those coming from Kensal Green station, as we did last night, walk down to the junction with Ladbroke Grove, and the Gallery is 20 yds from the junction, on the right (before the canal bridge). The entrance is enclosed in the in the high brick cemetry wall.

CatFang said...

Great show. Well done. See, it all came together brilliantly in the end.

Having only seen pictures of the quilts before I was really looking forward to the real things.

They are incredible. Really stunnning.

Decadence will be mine....

Good luck for the rest of the show, and watch out for the zombies!

Feather on a Wire said...

So very pleased it went well, see you there on Sunday

Bibliogirl said...

It looked great! Once I've had a chance to look through the photos I'll send on any that are worth it...

Alex Vorn said...

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Alex Vorn said...

Hi! Can you please provide a backlink to my blog:
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