Monday, April 30, 2012

Quilt on the frame

I don't usually share customer quilts while I am working on them as I feel they should see their quilt first, but I don't think this customer will mind. The quilt will be heading to the National Quilt Championships, so although it is a sample to sell fabric, I'm doing a bit extra on it. Can't have a show quilt going out half dressed can I? Whatever I do will be pretty subtle as the customer has chosen a thread that matches the fabric very closely and the fabrics are quite strongly patterned, but I'm not letting that stop me. I know it will make for a great wholecloth on the back if nothing else. It is however very slow going. As a normal sample I could quilt this in a day easily. Doing it this way it will be 2 or 3 days. I am really enjoying it and I hope the owner will love it when I've finished.


Liz said...

I love seeing what is on your machine. Very pretty.

Trudi said...

Oh, but it's so worth it! Gorgeous :)