Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Mimram Quilter

I am standing in a very long queue at the post office so it seems like the ideal time to catch up on blogging. Mostly I've been worning at the longarm on customer quilts but Monday I went to Mimram Quilter in Welwyn to give a talk. It worked out to be a very good night. I was luky enough to have two helpers with me and some one from the group so set up was quicker than usual. Also having the extra help means I am much less tired when I start and I can spend more time chatting at the end. It was great. I can't believe how faast they got my van loaded at the end either.

I did overrun quite badly though. I am normallyu quite good at judging the length of the talk but one lady saw some quilts I wasn't going to include and liked them, so in they went. I did ask if they wanted me to stop on time, but as you might expect, they wanted more quilts. All in all I had a great time and I hope the group did too.

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