Saturday, May 05, 2012


Tuesday was my birthday, and I had fun. I went to the cinema, but not one with a tiny seat no leg room and some smelly person jabbing you with an elbow. No, we did some research and went to The Electric in Portabello Road. Big arm chairs separated by tables and each with a foot stool. That is the way to see a film. It wasn't even much more expensive than our local cramped one. The refreshments weren't up to much though so after the film I was really starving. I had planned of posting a picture of the sushi we had but we kept eating it too fast, whups. It was really pretty honest. I did remeber to photograph me desert, ice cream mochi. They now have several flavours and despite not being a fan of either chocolate or green tea ice cream, as mochi I love them.

The cake was made by Lorna the cake lady. She is in my Wednesday afternoon class and makes great cakes. The Ferret logo went down well, but the coffee cake is even more impressive. I will try and get a picture tomorrow as we haven't finished eating it yet.


Susan Briscoe said...

Yum, ice cream mochi. Used to be able to get those out of a machine near Yuza Stores - I think they were called 'yumi daifuku' (think that means 'snowman') Good to hear you had some proper time off!

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Ferret

Reuspatch said...

Hello beautiful, I'm yours Sitges student, and I just did a follower of your blog, I love your work. I finished my rose, it was very good and I'll send you a picture. A kiss and if you want to see my things I invite you to my blog ""

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!