Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Last update from the weekend

I didn't manage to finish all ,y projects ;last weekend. I worked out that my jumbo turning twenty has over 1000 pieces so it is taking a bit longer than the others.i was also trying to gwt some racing in but the weather didn't want to play. The cushion cover is very close to done now as that was easy to pick up and put down, so maybe this trip will see it done. i've also brought another project with me incase I run out of things to do, but more on that if I get to it.

I am currently near Stanstead. I've got an early but better start to get to Sew Creative to teach tomorrow. I've been looking forward to this trip since last year. I met some great students then and I hope there will be more this time. If you are in the area, Norfolk, there are still a couple of places on some of the classes, call the shop for more details. The other thing about this shop is their location. It's great! The site has a petting farm and several craft shops. There is also a very nice tea room. Even better it is just down the road from a lovely little campsite, so I can park up in comfort and just walk to work each day. Lot's of time to sew too. I should try and get some sleep before the early start.


Liz said...

Pity I don't live nearer I would love to do another class with you.

Ferret said...

Well book me to come to you :)