Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another day, another class

I'm back at Sew Creative today teaching machine quilting 2 again. The class was so popular they decided to run it twice. The photos are the piece one of Thursdays students made. This repeat customer from last year is very quick at picking up techniques, and tends to push the boundrys. Turns out her friends are much the same and in the pictures from yesterday you could see her friend working out a pattern for herself. I do like it whjen students pick up an idea and run with it, but they still get to be called trouble. Well they are, just in a good way. I can't wait to see what this pair get up to on Sunday.

My turning twenty is still progressing. I really am trying to get it finished but there are a lot of pieces in each block. Last night I got most of it into half block chunks, so if i gon't at least finish all the blocks tonight I will be cross. I'm not sure if I cut enough sashing to get the whole thing together. I seem to remembner thinking I might be able to use it more efficiently and that I could cut more if I needed. Of course I then took the bolt of fabric out of the van so I am now trying to be extra efficient in the hopes I can finish if I have the time. I only have tonight so I am not optimistic, but we shall see.

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