Saturday, March 05, 2011


Sorry this has taken so long to post, I've been having trouble with electronics this weekend. Not only did my sat nav stop working, and my laptop start playing up but my phone doesn't seem to be holding a charge very well.

I arrived in York with a couple of hours to look around. The park and ride system is very good it delivers you right into the town center and has guides and maps available on them. This was the first time I had made it to York and the first thing that struck me was how many old buildings there were. It really is very picturesque. The signage was pretty good and with the map from the bus finding Jorvik was easy. It's a nice attraction but smaller than I expected. They are about to add some new galleries so it may be better next time I am in the area.

From there I tred to get to the Barley Hall. That was harder. The maps aren't as clear as they could be and smaller attractions get less signs. Even whenI had found the right street it wasn't easy. I got the impression more that once that you were only supposed to approach things in one direction. Still it was well worth the effort. It is the timbered building in the photographs. I loved the great hall and the spinning wheels all around the house.

After too short a trip around York I headed back to the van and on to my talk. What an audience, they were great at hecking and interacting with me. A small but very friendly bunch who helped me pack very quickly. Then I headed to that nights parking. Without the sat nav I was worried about finding my host. She old me the story of the route and even on very dark lanes I found her road quite easily and she spotted me and showed me into her drive. It's amazing how much shelter a hadge can give and I got a very cozy night. Boy was getteing up hard.

The next morning I was in a different hall teaching Art Quilts by Numbers. 20 students around one huge table (OK made of several smaller tables). They wored well with many of them getting to the quilting stage. Lots of people took photos so hopefully I will have more to share later.

Now I am in Newcastle, today was the regional day, but more about that later. Now I aught to get some sleep.

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