Saturday, March 12, 2011


I'm tired but we are having fun. I'm still in the workshop at the Limerick Quilt Centre and sewing is happening. I didn't bring a project with me so I get to blog. When they finally got the doors open unloading the plane was very quick and in no time I was whisked away to Limerick. My host took me the scenic route and then out for a walk. The pictures of the river are of the Claire Glenns a local tourist spot. The photos don't do it justice. The water is fast flowing and the sound is amazing. It was quite wet and muddy but mostly I stayed clean enough to look professional.

After a very nice dinner we went to the hall. The talk was in a church which might have been tricky with my big talk but it was perfect for the 20kg version. To save weight I took my coat and to go with it I thought the dress would go well with it. As the dummy was too big to bring I decided to wear it for the talk. It worked very well actually especially as the heating was broken. I think I got the best deal. The talk seemed to work very well despite just being chosen for weight, and the group were lovely. As we were packing up the alarm went off. We assumed it was a burgler alarm, but no, it ws the fire alarm. Everyone checked for fire while I packed and left. There wasn't actually a fire but I appreciated the care they took and that they let me get on with packing.

Today we have been making tulips, well them and other similar flowers. There are lots of interesting variations in this group. They have come up with several new ways of putting on borders that are really exciting. I should be able to take pictures tomorrow. We've just been out to dinner in a very nice restaurant that does fantastic cocktails. They have apparently won awards for some of them. They were good, so was the food. If you are in Limerick do try to get to the Cornstore, the fixed price menu is great value, everything we had was lovely and huge portions.

I think it's reaching the point where I should try and encourage my students to bed so they are ready for another full day tomorrow. We will be doing more caveman type designs. Whups it really is late, the students B+B have just phoned to see if they are OK time for bed.

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