Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I've made it home from Newcastle, and I'm missing it. It really is a lovely city and the classes were great. I was lucky to have amazing gophers in both workshops. I've had helpers before but never quite such busy ones. I think the one I had on Sunday could read my mind as she always seemed to be doing the job I was about to ask for. Amazing. I hope all the members there realise what a great deal they get in their classes. They also have a lot of very talented members (fortunately of the friendly type not the slightly intimidating ones) and I am lookng forward to seeing where they go with both their autumn leaves and the art quilt techniques.

I realised that if I had only carried on a little further I would have driven the whole of the M1 in one trip, but I wasn't quite sad enough to do it, so instead I came off at Edgeware on my way home yesterday. It was quite a nice drive as the it was the middle of a week day and lovely and warm. So much so I had the window open for most of the trip. When I got home is it was straight back to work. I collected some more quilts from the unit to take to Ireland this weekend then got some quilting done. As the quilts will be left on the frame quite a long time I am working on some of my pattern samples. It doesn't matter if they get a bit creased. I then got down to the emails and phone messages. It's amazing how much piles up over even a few days. Tet has done a great job with the things he could do but it still leaves me with several hours work to catch up on.

Today I was back to my regular classes at Patchwork Corner. Thanks to the students emailing me I even remembered most of the things I needed to take in. Unfortunately I did forget to hand one of them over but you can't win them all.

This evening I fancied something a bit different so I have been working on my Passion Flower Trellis sample. It is a class I am launching at Patchwork Corner very soon (May?) so I desperately need it done. It is in a similar vein to Autumn leaves and yet completely different. I'm very pleased with how it is coming together and hopefully I will be able to share some pictures soon, although with the bookings coming up I don't promise anything. I guess I should go and pack my 20kg talk shouldn't I. I know I won't want to do it tomorrow night.

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