Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ireland part 2

I've finally got a few minutes to share some more pictures from the class this weekend. I decided to wait till I got home so I could share more pictures. Posting from Ireland on my phone is quite pricey. I have so many pictures I can't possibly post them all so I've grabbed a few at random. Sorry if they are blurry or anything I've only got a very small image to judge them by.

Each time I get to teach a multi day class it reminds me how much I enjoy it. You can get so much more done. It seems that quilting every day keeps the new technique fresh in your mind so two consecutive days seems to be about the same as three spaced out days. The Sunday was spent playing with different designs using the same techniques as the tulips. We had sea horses, butterflys, dragonflys, ducks and Marys not to mention the other things that were designed but not made. I certainly enjoyed the day and I think the class did too. Of course when you experiment you do get some designs that don't work the way you expect, which then allows everyone to learn more. You can progress techniques so much faster when there are more people playing.

I flew home Monday night after being fed solidly so I wouldn't starve on the journey. I think my main memory of Ireland from both trips is the food. You do get very well fed and the food is solid proper food. Heathrow was the usual unpleasant shock. Suddenly no on can understand a word I say and even ordering a coffee was hard work. By the time I got home I was exhausted, and yesterdays talk was hard work after the 4 days in Ireland, but more on that later.


Liz said...

It seems a shame you couldn't have stayed for a few days, had a break,caught up on some sleep and celebrated St Patrics Day.

Ferret said...

I'd have loved to but it seems everyone wanted to book me this March so things have been really tight. One day I will get to spend some time in Ireland honest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ferret...don't the ducks look well? I still have to finish the other three. Am going to link it up to our City and Guilds blogspot...Glad you enjoyed Ireland ...we enjoyed having you and next time I won't drive and will try the cocktails...Moira