Sunday, March 06, 2011


I guess it must be time to catch you up with my adventures in Newcastle. I've been pretty busy working and sightseeing so I've not had much chance to blog. I wasn't sure what to expect from Newcastle, but I wasn't expecting the lovely bridges and waterfront. While driving to my hosts house I cam across one of them and avoided being distracted by the others by a very small margin. It really does look wonderful.
I've included pictures of the mileneum bridge, both at night and sunset. There are lots of impressive churches, but for me the large tower with the the arhes at the top is the winner. The cathederal had the better windows and doors though so do you suppose they would let me blend the two?

The Sage building is odd. It's a big silver slug by the river. I like it, but I can see how some might not. At night the windows give it the look of a ship which is rather nice. The really impressiv views are from inside it. Despite being a very modern building it feels very welcoming and is a good place to relax with a drink and watch the river. The food looked good too.

The last two pictures are from the regional day, Linzi Upon and her quilted yurt. The poor group had trouble getting a venue big enough to contain the yurt, and when they managed it it had a freshly varnished floor. So what? Well a yurt has wooden lattice wall panels that slip really well on a shiny surface and that makes putting it up very ticky. She managed it, and you have to admit it's impressive and very imposing. The whole yurt had come down from Scotland in her Landy. Well technically in and on. We found her packing antics entertaining enough to photograph. Sorry Linzi, but you are the only quilter who's talk taked longer to pack than mine. It's bulkier and weighs more too!

Today was teaching and so is tomorrow, so I will leave this here and try and get some sleep. Early mornings really don't suit me.


The Quilt Quine said...

It was fun to catch up in the NE of England, great pics, hope your workshops went well, drive safely home!

Sheilasembroidery said...

Welcome to my home town. Sorry I missed seeing you.

Ferret said...

Maybe you can catch me next time Sheila. I really hope I will get an excuse to come back. I really loved the place and I'm missing the very friendly people already.