Thursday, March 03, 2011

I knew it would happen

When we got the van I saw the potential for it to make the where am I feeling when waking up more complex and today it finally managed it. Admitedly it was aided by a dream that said I was somewhere else. Fortunately the M1 reminded me quite quickly that I am at Leicester Forest services. They are a nice services, but the M1 never becomes quiet (well not here at least).

Before I get to involved with todays plan I guess I should explain the lack of posts while I was home. You may remember I hnad some problems with my longarm which was serviced just before the last trip. Well that left me with a huge backlog which I have almost cleared now. I've been quilting as many hours a day as possible and then running around to get the quilts back to their owners. Can't tell you how good it is to not have them all looking at me. Todays picture is opne of the quilts that has just gone back. It belongs to one of my students and I just love it.

While I have been quilting Tet has been typesetting patterns and cutting kits. This trip I am teaching art quilts by numbers twice so the cab is full of supplies.

There has been some exciting news since the last tour. I will be responsible for filling the gallery at Quiltfest next year. I am quite excited and assuming I keep on top of the longarming I should have a couple of mew pieces for the show. I will also be taking the longarm with me, so if you would like to see me at work plan to be in Wales the beginning of Feb next year.

Back to today. I am sitting in the services admiring the car park that is the M1 south and eatinmg my porridge. Starbucks porridge isn't great but it's not terrible either. Tonight I am giving a talk in York and as I have some time to kill I thought I would take the chance to visit Yorvik. It's somewhere I've been meaning to go for years and as I am in the area it seems rude not to. I suppose I had better stop typing start eating and head off.


Susan Briscoe said...

Try instant porridge & do your own on the move!

Have just sent FB message re the Quiltfest workshop - have managed to get the first choice hall at Gresford for Saturday 11th Feb, so that works out even better for your workshop - the gallery is closed on the Saturday. This is the day before Trading Day on Sunday 12th (last day of show). Workshop topic still to be decided. :-)

Hope your current trip goes well!

Penny said...

York is lovely, I hope you had time to look round the city.