Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wow - racing

Any day that starts in a warm bed listening to race cars warming up can't be all bad. Follow that with breakfast still listening to the cars with sun pouring in through the window even better. Having spent the whole of yesterday siting in the van in the rain, the wind at the top of the grandstand didn't seem so bad. That being said I am glad to be back in the van with a cup of coffe and my slanket.

We've had pretty good racing today, though not as much as they had hoped. Unusually it was the promods causing trouble. The car in the picture behaved fine, after it things got intersting. One managed to not only crash into the christmas tree (the stand of coloured lights that start the races) but also ripped out it's stand, wiring and the timing reflector in front of it. It was folowed by a spate of near misses. People not quite running into each other and the walls. The timing reflectors down the track weren't so lucky and several didn't survive the day.

The van has proved a success. We did discover the leisure battery isn't charging but it's not been a huge problem. We needed two reading lights in the over cab area, which is fine as I happen to have bought two, and we found the coocker not only works but works well. I think we will need to get the bathroom sorted for longer stays and I may add a hand cranked sewing machine to the onboard kit. I also tested my zippo handwarmer. It's amazing. If you do suffer from cold hands (or want a traveling hot water bottle) consider getting one. They will stay hot for up to 12 hours and are rather beautiful as well.

My coffee is almost gone. Tet is winding up the vans legs. I guess it's time to head home and back to work. It's great to have found a simple way to have a break from work.

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