Friday, May 28, 2010


I just want my vehicles to be legal. Is that such a big thing to ask? I try very hard to be totally honest with my insurance company. I explain exactly what I need and I try to ask every question I can think of to cover things they may not be thinking about. I run a business so I have to have business cover. I don't mind paying for this but when I have I want to know it's all legal and correct. In the process of trying to insure the van, I've been tolds twice that the cover I think I have for my car is, impossible, invalid or not what I thought was sold to me. So I now have to track down the policy documents, go through them again (I do it when they arrive so I am surprised with the claims the broker is making) and find out if I haven't actually been covered the last 3 years. How am I meant to do this? I am quite sure I told them what I needed and what I was going to do. I tried to spot potential problems and I am still possibly not covered. If we had takend the van policy we were offered 2 days ago that would now not be covered either. Despite us giving all the correct information. How many people are being caught out. Oh and I now get to phone two friends to suggest they check their policy too as thier brokers claim to have never offered the insurance they think they have either. Great. I love days that start like this really I do.

Yay, it seems I have managed to be insured. Not as well as I thought, but I've hit the legal minimum. Stressed, OH YES!

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