Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Thanet Quilters

I've just got home after speaking at Thanet Quilters. It was nice to get down to Kent again, but it is a long trip. Not helped by the M25 having problems in both directions. Still I got home quicker than I expected so I'n not too bothered. I will say that we really need another decent set of services on the M25. Thurrock is even worse than South Mimms which isn't too good.

As this was the first time for the van to do a talk I wanted to leave myself extra time, so I decided to leave midday and visit Canterbury on the way. My has it changed. Admittedly it's been at least 17 years, but still. Strangely it has been improved to the point that I felt it had died and started to feel run down. It wasn't as busy as when I was there. It does however have official parking for motorhomes with 'quick and easy' pay by phone scheme. Quick and easy for who exactly? We gave up and used our float to pay the rather large parking charge. You had to buy 12 hours parking minimum. Excessive for the hour or so we were there but it was nice to know we were safely parked.

From there we headed on towards Margate. Sturry road has changed a lot too, and again I'm not sure it's all for the better. It was interesting to revisit the area. We arrived in Birchington in time to grab dinner before the talk and found a reasonable fish and chip shop. By the time we made it to the hall, I was relaxed fed and ready to talk. Better still I could sit in comfort and get ready. I could get used to this taking your home with you business.

I was stunned by the reception I recieved. I am so flattered by the turnout and the enthusiasm of the group. There were lots of interesting questions from interesting people. Not one but two men in the audience, and plenty of people leaving inspired to play with fabric. It's always nice when I've managed to inspire rather than depress.  I bring a lot of quilts because that is what groups tell me they want to see. Just because I turn work out quite quickly doesn't mean everyone has to. A lot of the time my productivity is determined by deadlines. I've not felt able to turn work away and, well that means I need to do crazy things sometimes. I hope I will get to go back to Thanet and see what the groups have worked on after this. Oh and the other advantage of having a bit more space, I was albe to take my quilted chair with me. I don't often get to show it, so that was a big treat for me.

Suppose I should probably head off to bed now, but I had to share. It's been a really good day if a long one. Thanks Thanet.


Amo House said...

Careful Ferret, you'll have to change your name to Snail! Have home, will travel!! I used to love my VW for similar reasons, kids virtually grew up in it. Saw a lovely Capri on Monday and thought of you!

Ferret said...

We did comment on the way to Santa Pod that neither of us had had an ambition to turn into a snail. It is very handy though.

I've noticed Capris tend to find me. I park and when I come back another has appeared. It's rather nice.

Rafael's Mum said...

Hi Ferret, I am so glad you enjoyed the evening! I was in the audience and I really enjoyed it too. Thanks so much for your permission to use the photos from your blog. I can't believe you blogged about it after coming home... wow... It only took me 20 minutes to get home and I was way too tired to blog! Way to go. Hope the van behaved itself. You, the quilts and the van are great. Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ferret -So glad you enjoyed coming to Thanet Quilters - we loved having you. The iceing on the cake for me was the fact that you turned up in a motorhome -(I loved the storey about the portaloo!!) a girl after my own heart) - I love them and caravans - but for you a motorhome must be perfect for the amount you have to carry and the traveling you have to do. Come and see us again soon, we will be in touch about a workshop!