Friday, May 14, 2010

Family, well kinda :)

I was asked by some quilters for a picture of my car so here he is. he's a Ford Capri 2.8i, V6. I've always driven Capris, initially because it was what[ was available for the right price, but later becuase I love them. They are a lot of fun to drive, and you can fit an amazing amount in them.

I thought while I was at it I would share the newest member of the family. A Bedfors motorhome. It's not the newest or most spacious vehicle, but it should do what we need. It will make my longer tours a lot easier to arrange and work, and even long drives home after talks will be easier. I might even be able to give up motorway service food. When I do a lot of bookings I do get really sick of the good you can get late at night. I suppose I could even eat before the talks. That would be amazing. I suspect as we get time the van will get renovated and repainted, but for now it will do.

I haven't had much time to blog recently given a very full teaching schedule. I am managing it now as I am on the tube delivering quilts to a customer. I've been at Patchwork Corner the last 3 days and tomorrow I will be teaching at Connecting threads. Sunday we will be heading up to quilts UK at Malvern. Tet entered his first quilt there and there are also 4 of mine to be collected. Despite me saying I never win there, I have! I need to be at th prize giving on Sundsy for Greek Fossils (Longarm quilting award) and Mother (Machine Applique award). The award for Mother is especially welcome, as it was judged in a recent show to have very bad machine applique. It just goes to show, judging is not a science. It is very subjective and therefore somewhat relient on luck. You have to get the right judge on the right day for the right quilt. Of course, if you don't enter that won't happen. So give it a go. You never know your quilt could just be what the judges are looking for.

If you see me at Malvern do come up and say hello. I don't bite often honest. Also if there are things you want to order from my website I am more than happy to bring them to the show with me. Just let me know today or tomorrow.

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