Saturday, May 01, 2010

Sushi Jo

How else would I celebrate anything? Jo has been helpping me celebrate for years. My first ever quilt ribbon was toasted at his little sushi barin Oriental City. Over the years we have both grown and he now has a lovely restaurant in Chalk Farm. I've been meaning to go to celebrate the launch of my book, and today was the first chance we've had. So a double celebration. As you can see the food was beautiful. It tasted pretty darn good too ;)

After my last post I got a package. The ash cloud that stopped flights held up a lot of post as well as people. I was waiting on my fabric for my rhapsody quilt. Starr fabrics had sent it just before the volcano, it arrived today. It's lovely and I will be able to start it nect Wednesday before my student's get too far ahead. After deciding it was too hard and they would just watch me make one, they decided it looked fun. So now there are a group of us working on them. I am really looking forward to it. Of course. Being me, I have broken or adjusted all the rules, but I think it will still work. It will be a bit harder than Ricky intended though.

Today didn't pan out quite the way I expected but it's been fun, and that's what counts right?

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