Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busy and grumpy

I have been meaning to write an update for just under a week now, but somehow it hasn't happened. Last week was mad busy, but also very enjoyable. After my two regular classes on Wednesday I legged it over to Southend for a talk. I made it with time to spare, much to everyones surprise. Of course that was just Murphys law, I had been offered dinner before my talk and if I had agreed to it you can bet I would have been late. Still we got a very warm welcome and lots of good advice on places to eat after the talk. I was really appreciated and very nice to drive home full and relaxed. Thanks guys.

The weekend was just too hot for me to do anything sensible, and trying to quilt half a cow of black leather isn't sensible. I gave up part way through Saturday as I was far to ohot to concentrate and it is n't the place to make a mistake. So instead I got to spend time looking after the vehicles (new plugs for the car and a clean fridge for the van) and playing Rockband. I have discovered drumming is very relaxing whcih is just as well.

Monday I quilting my half a cow and a non challenging customer quilt. I now have a slightly more challenging one loaded. It's not going to be hard to quilt but the quilt won't tell me what it wants. It's quite frustrating. If all else fails I will just start and see where we go. This customer is also a friend and will like pretty much anything I am happy with which makse things a lot easier. The customer quilt I really want to get to work on I am waiting on a backing for, but I think waiting will just make it all the better when I finally get to do it.

On the grumpy front I have been trying to deal with banks and insurance companies. It's not big it's not clever and it certainly isn't as much fun as quilting. I think I might finally be making some headway, but it's really been a lot more work that it needed to be. I just hope it sorts out soon and I can forget about it for a year. Well until the next vehicle needs renewing at least.

Now though I need to go and start preparing for tomorrows talk. I am heading back to Essex again, but this time it's to South Woodham Ferrers, and at a somewhat more leisurely pace. It's all go here, but then you probably guessed that by the peace and quiet here :)

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