Saturday, May 29, 2010

Who would have thought it?

It's a bank holiday weekend. One of the biggest UK drag racing meetings is on and it's raining. It's been raining all day, so no racing so far. However we did manage to insure the van so we have somewhere dry to sit, eat and sleep. It's a lot more civilized than sitting in the car.
It also means I have room to sew. This is my first van project. Royal Treasure is another Starr Designs project that I bought at the festival last year. It was simple to pack so it's what I am doing. As you can see I have all the pieces cut ready to start sewing, which means I need to brave the mud and rain to get the generator running. Wish me luck and hopefully Murphys law will mean racing starts just as I get it set up.


Lady Hopwood said...

You get to sew or you get to race, either way is a winner :-)

Amo House said...

Have you thought of one of ye olde hand crank machines? Sewing, that is, not drag!!

Susan Briscoe said...

Good on you getting the van insurance sorted out at long last!

Trudi said...

Sounds like the best of both worlds, racing and sewing all in one trip! The van is going to be the real winner in the long run :)

Ferret said...

I would like to get teh van's electricity working properly, including an inverter so I won't need a genny, but until then I think I may well put the hand crank into the van. It just makes sense right.

I really enjoyed the whole event rain and all. It made such a difference being able to get on and do things while it rained. It also saves us 50 pounds per night hotel bills :)

The poor chaps in the next van were very perplexed by me cutting up the fabric, and clearly fascinated by the tools to do it.